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by Helaine Brownhill on November 6, 2018

Not another estate agent I hear you say! well sorry, but yes we are an estate agent but with a difference….

We work alongside very reputable agents across  the Algarve and Lisbon, bringing you the best of all the properties that are out there, from the first contact to completion of your new property we will be on hand to help and guide you but at the same time giving you just one point of contact.

Heres a snippet of the process….

Buying  a property abroad can be a daunting thought,  however in Portugal you as the buyer will be protected in every way possible, a little like Scotland. Once you have found your dream home or holiday rental you make an offer via us the agent and when the price has been agreed, you instruct your lawyer to draw up  a promissory contract which will include the deposit amount and the completion date which is agreed by both parties,  once this  has been signed you and the seller are then tied into a legal contract which means that you have a set time to complete, its also to protect against either party pulling out of the deal whereby the seller pulling out you get double the deposit back or you pulling out losing your deposit.

The completion date is agreed by both parties and  can be from as little as a few weeks  to months on completion day you or your lawyer or both will attend the notary to sign the papers and hand over the remaining funds.

There you go job done you are now the proud owner of a little Algarvian sunshine.



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