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Why use an experienced surveyor?

by Chris Mayall on February 28, 2018

Why use an experienced surveyor? Well there are many reasons  but mainly to be absolutely sure the property you have fallen in love with is in fact what it appears to be and there are no hidden problems. Having a survey gives the buyer peace of mind and the surveyor can carry out the following checks as required:

  • General Condition Report – this is tailored to the needs of the vast majority of purchasers and is a comprehensive report which includes basic tests of services and a visual inspection of all readily accessible areas
  • Full Building/ Structural Survey – this is a more detailed study of the fabric and services of the building. This type of survey is only recommended in the case of complex buildings or those in a poor state of repair
  • Informal Verbal Advice – when accompanied to the property by the purchaser
  • Planning Enquiries – relating to the status of the property to be purchased and adjacent/ neighbouring developments likely to affect the subject

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